Characteristics of the program

Students are taught to educate children and young people and to organize their hobby activities. Students learn to participate in developing the children’s talents, mainly in the area of rational, emotional, physical and social abilities. The future kindergarten teachers learn to understand and communicate with children. To work with children, they need to acquire knowledge and skills not only in the area of pedagogy, psychology and biology, but they also need to know how to develop children in arts, acting, music or physical education. Apart from this, our future graduates learn why it is important to take care of the children’s safety and how to do it; they adopt the rules of healthy lifestyle as well as legal regulations related to school education.

The acquired theoretical knowledge is applied in pedagogical process right in the School Complex. Under the supervision of experienced teachers, our student-teachers can practice their skills in Fantazie Kindergarten and in the after-school club at the English Elementary School. They will practice their skills  in preparing projects aimed at educating children, i.e. planning and preparing activities for children and organizing and managing a class.