Why to choose our school

Our elementary school is part of the network of schools of Ministry of Education and their school reports have the same validity as those of other schools in the Czech Republic. Our elementary school offers extended classes of English as soon as from the first form. At the time of entering the school, students need not have any previous knowledge of English.

Our basic school is attended by students from English-speaking countries who have basic knowledge of spoken Czech.

The graduate of this school is ready to continue in the following study program at the First German Municipal Secondary School or J. G. Mendel Secondary School. Both the secondary schools share the same building as the elementary school.

Our elementary school teaches Czech, facts about the Czech Republic and Czech culture. Czech is the main language of education. English is taught as soon as from the first form; the number of lessons per week increases gradually so that students are not overloaded at the time when they are creating their relationship to education as such. English is part of the students’ lives from the first form also during lessons of arts, crafts and everyday within the after-classes club. Once per week, a native speaker is present during the lessons.

Each student of our Elementary School has the possibility to attend an optional subject of English practice during the first and second forms. This subject practices and strengthens the areas covered within school classes.